Paula Hall
Digital Artist


Digital Artist


About Me

My painting began as an extension of my lifelong sketching and work with other media. Discovering computers and Photoshop instilled me with a need to learn and progress.

I now create digital art along with a variety of artisan crafts, including glass work & painting, modelling, and needlework and paper crafts.

Each individual recognition within the art community has instilled me with gratitude and confidence. I have been featured, published, gained awards and first place achievements.

I am very proud to have reached this level of ability in my art, still completely self taught, but never forgetting I have much to learn and to be thankful for.


I'm fully qualified in business, management and finance with multimedia and graphic design. I began designing stationery, business documents & publishing after my first degree.

I have 2 degrees, a number of diplomas & certificates, with qualifications in law, languages, accountancy & more.


I have created several pieces upon request, including features, publications and private collections.

I am available for commissions, including but not limited to:
photo repair and retouch
painting and manipulations
magazine & book covers
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